Spatial Justice Resources is a non-profit company whose mission is to assist other non-profits, community groups and NGO’s in utilizing data mapping, GIS, GPS, and spatial analysis to describe, measure and analyze issues of possible spatial inequality and injustice. While just a start, this website www.spatialjustice.org, is our primary means for providing helpful information to community organizations for:

  • Determining if an issue involves spatial injustice or inequality and therefore could benefit from specialized tools used to measure, analyze and describe these conditions.
  • Identifying the appropriate descriptive and analytical tools and techniques that could be employed to provide evidence that spatial inequality is present.
  • Providing access to the relevant software and data resources, either directly via links to the sources of the tools (especially for open-source resources) or indirectly by providing links to suggested commercial sources.
  • Providing background educational information, real-world examples of using the tools and references to the academic literature for those who’d like to learn more / do a deeper dive into spatial data analysis.
  • Providing access to consultants, on a fee basis, who can assist non-profits in their spatial data analysis projects.

Please note that Spatial Justice Resources does not endorse any commercial or open-source software or data product provide technical support for linked software or data products, except under special arrangements take positions in support of, or in opposition to, any specific issue – we provide assistance and access to resources (ie software and data) to all certified non-profits and NGO’s.